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Network & Endpoint Security

Network & Endpoint security - Training, Support, Consulting to counter-intrusion and threats and manage cybersecurity in today's BYOD age.

Most businesses have some mobility in place for employees to remain productive and responsive to dynamic customer needs. This means proprietary and crucial business and customer data is leaving the secure environment of the business/company premises every single day.


Storing on hard disks and other tangible tools increases the risk of data breaches due to loss, theft and accidental damage. Future EBS can build for your organization, a robust moat that promises data protection, advanced threat protection, network protection and remote access VPN for comprehensive network security.

Why Get Network & Endpoint Security From Future EBS

Assured Data Security On Endpoint Devices, On Premises And In Transit


Proprietary and crucial data stored on hard disks often leaves the secure corporate environment, increasing the risk of data breaches due to loss, theft and accidental damage.


Full disk encryption protects hard disks, while port control and media encryption can reduce risk on portable flash drives. Remote access VPNs allow employees to securely access company resources outside of the workplace.


Protection Against Advanced Threats To Data


Viruses, malware and bots evolve every day. Comprehensive security on endpoint devices is crucial. Anti-malware helps with these, while compliance checks and checkpoint firewalls are all designed to monitor data traffic and ensure that safety policies are followed.


Unified Policies And Centralized Reporting


Endpoint policy management solutions help data security staff educate, manage, report and enforce users on matters of data safety. They have access to specific security concern areas.


Anti Ransomware Solutions


Protect your organisation from current and emerging ransomware attacks. Data on enterprise servers is especially critical, and anti ransomware is an absolute necessity. Vital data is always under threat, and this is why you need a good anti ransomware solution.


Future EBS offers two established anti-ransomware solutions: Intercept X by Sophos, and SentinelOne.

Both these solutions are designed to ward off attacks by hackers and zero day attacks, from known and unknown threats. Both solutions offer artificial intelligence for smarter and constantly evolving threat detection that keeps up with advanced threats. Intercept X offers a detailed analysis and report of reported threats, and is designed to be easily paired with existing antivirus software. SentinelOne offers an endpoint network protection ‘Cyber Warranty’ to the order of $1 million.

Take caution to the wind and protect your network today.  

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