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Microsoft SharePoint

Insights to Spearhead your Business Growth

Microsoft’s SharePoint is the hub for every kind of content within your organization. In growing businesses, vital information is hidden away in content that is not easily accessible or shared. Designed to boost productivity, Microsoft’s SharePoint solves this issue by giving you a simple and collaborative platform, that lets you share & manage content, applications, and knowledge across teams.

What SharePoint Can Do

Sharepoint is a highly refined and smoother alternative to working with documents in a basic folder system. All team members are plugged into the critical information they need, whenever and wherever, saving time, reducing information loss and boosting productivity.


Take Advantage Of Collective Knowledge

With collaboration offered by tools like Yammer, content assimilation becomes streamlined. The right data is a click away, with the powerful search service that also comes with this software.


Simplified Sharing

SharePoint offers dynamic ‘sites’ for individual teams and departments. These can be used to share files, data, resources, news and other updates.


Enhance Business Processes

From team messages to multi-step project workflows, you can accelerate productivity using SharePoint features like lists and libraries.


Why Choose SharePoint

Sharepoint is a cross-platform service; you can install it on-premises, or use it online. It can be used by non-technical team members easily too. It is the preferred choice of 78% of all the Fortune 500 companies.



These are flowchart-like applications that drive the execution of standard business processes at your workplace. Employees can be assigned roles of workflow creator, author, initiator or participant.

Workflows are designed to get business tasks done quickly and efficiently; this speed is enhanced through ‘workflow templates’ that are provided with SharePoint.


SharePoint Libraries and Lists

Lists are laid out as rows and columns, just like a familiar spreadsheet. They are designed to accommodate multiple users, enhancing collaboration and team efforts.

Libraries are designed to help teams document data, and modify and filter it, by collaboratively creating and managing documents. Your employees also get default library apps, which are preconfigured to help them create their own SharePoint libraries and enhance team efforts.


Advanced Search Abilities

You can run queries against indexed data on a SharePoint server farm. It’s more than a basic search, though. SharePoint searches consider permissions, search history and contextual information to bring users the right data.

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