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Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Finance and Operations

Reinvent Business Processes. Reimagine Productivity.

Taking your business the digital route? Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Finance and Operations can aid you with the right tools to navigate that transformation better; it can speed things up within your organization, and streamline processes to help you cut overheads and unlock the true potential of your business.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Finance and Operations is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that’s also capable of handling Customer Resource Management (CRM).


You can run operations across multiple sites and companies, in locations spread across the globe.

What It Does

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a versatile software solution that covers all facets of your organization’s ERP, cutting the need for expensive individual solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations works with your office software—such as Microsoft’s Office suite, or its DBM services like SQL Server. Dynamics 365 also works with web-based platforms like SharePoint. You can do all of the following with this dynamic product suite:

ManufacturingAccelerate the speed and accuracy of your operations, get a unified view of your inventory & logistics to support better decision-making and optimize productivity from assets and resources
Project ManagementDynamics 365 is designed for the entire project cycle, from tracking project prospects all the way to final billing.
Time & Expense ManagementWith a smooth cross-platform (browser, smart devices) solution to managing project time and expenses, billing cycles get shorter and cash flow becomes more efficient.
FinancesWith this end-to-end financial management and accounting platform, run multi-company global financial management with ease.
HR OperationsThe included comprehensive HR module takes care of recruitment to termination and everything in between.
International OperationsWith Dynamics 365, you can set up multiple global companies, juggle screens, reports and business documents across countries, and easily operate across national boundaries. Designed for various local statutory regulations, tax laws and requirements, it is an ideal solution for processing automation between companies.
Business Intelligence & ReportingUtilizing Microsoft SQL’s powerful server-based reporting abilities, Dynamics 365 helps users develop traditional reports. Its 5 pre-built ‘data cubes’ help provide in-depth business analytics.
CRMUpgrade your business development efforts with solutions for managing contacts, opportunities, activities and campaigns. From content management to running campaigns, Dynamics 365 covers it all.

Solutions implemented across the following industries

​Healthcare Equipment

Government Organization



​Real Estate



Oil & Gas

 FMCG & Distributors


Why Choose Dynamics 365

Gartner has rated Microsoft Dynamic 365 as the best ERP product for ambitious enterprises. Its comprehensive functionality and integration with other Microsoft products reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Designed with a familiar-looking interface, it is designed to connect your employees with the right information, ramping up productivity levels across the board.


Choosing this product suite is the first step towards streamlining your business. Choosing the right partner such as Future EBS  is the next important step as we provide you with critical expertise backed by the right techno-functional experience to ensure project design and implementation achieve the goals set by you.

Key Features

Dynamics 365 has an interface purposely designed to look like other familiar MS products. Your employees will feel right at home. Compatibility with MS Office and Sharepoint means that finding information is much easier. Given that Dynamics 365 supports multiple languages and currencies, and local laws and functionality, it lets you scale up to international operations with ease. Collaboration between employees is simplified: Dynamics 365 integrates communication services like IM, presence information and VoIP. Dynamics 365 is tailored to optimize productivity in over 30 employee roles; its ‘role centers’ display the apt information and activities according to an employee’s role in your organization.

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