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Microsoft Azure

Cloud Solutions at Grounded Prices

For a business to survive in today’s closely competetive marketplace, investing in the latest tech solutions is a necessity. With a platform like Microsoft Azure, you can do this without having to set aside a heavy budget.

What is it?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based IT solution. It is one of the main products from the Microsoft stables. Using Azure, you can host all your IT infrastructure—including but not limited to web servers, email servers, databases, file storage servers, virtual machines, and user directories—on the massive resources and datacenters hosted by Microsoft.


The great thing about Azure is that, just like other cloud services, you only pay for the IT resources that you need.

The Advantages Of Using Microsoft Azure

It is the only consistent hybrid cloud service

meaning that you can have your data connected in apps on the cloud as well as on premises. This simplifies operations and lets you optimize your assets.


It is a great tool for building intelligent, data-driven apps

Azure offers intelligent data services like image recognition and bot services. You can develop groundbreaking apps with Azure’s built-in AI, taking advantage of Microsoft and open source data and innovation.


It offers incredible security

In fact 90% of the Fortune 500 companies trust in the Microsoft Cloud assurance of “security, privacy, transparency and the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider.” Azure’s secure center feature helps you mitigate and eliminate threats to your data.

Grow Your Business With CSP


Drive profitability and business development/growth with Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program with Future EBS.

As a Microsoft Partner, we can offer:

Long-Term Agreements

Instead of working project to project, we can provide always-on services that are billed month on month.

Lowered Prices

Our managed services all offer a high value proposition. You will get the same Microsoft-certified services that others provide, at a reduced cost.

Predictable Costs

Our managed services agreements mean that we can offer services at predictable prices to make things simpler for our customers.

What makes Microsoft Azure a great choice?

Usage-based services

Azure has a wide range of software applications, storage and network services. Payment is usage-based, which means that your company only pays for the services used. This feature comes in handy when (say) handling large volumes of data, such as when you launch a promotional campaign—you only spend on that computing power for when you need it.


No wasting time on IT infrastructure

especially with a growing business, timing is crucial. Imagine you’re racing against the clock to provide and tweak services ahead of the competition. Having Azure means you won’t waste time on managing your IT infrastructure.


Easy to Use

Azure is open and flexible, meaning you can build your applications using any software language, tool, or framework. In fact, you can even integrate public cloud services into your organisation’s IT infrastructure.


Built for Scaling

Azure is designed to grow with your business. You won’t have to shift your organisation’s IT setup once you’ve grown out of your current size, and are looking to expand (say) globally.


Topnotch SLA metrics

A 99.95% monthly SLA ensures practically permanent availability.Azure services include automatic OS and services patching.