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Microsoft 0365

Productivity: The Obvious Choice

To run an effective business, the right set of software solutions makes all the difference. When ‘productivity’ and ‘enterprise business solutions’ are discussed, the first solution to come up is Microsoft’s Office 365.


Just like the other Microsoft product that comes with the ‘365’ tag (Dynamics), Office 365 is created for one purpose: to streamline and effectivise productivity.

What Is Microsoft Office 365?


The entire suite of Microsoft Office apps:


  • Desktop apps like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft  Powerpoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Skype for Business, and Microsoft OneNote


  • Mobile apps—Office Lens and Office Remote


  • Server apps—Microsoft Sharepoint and Skype for Business Server


  • Web services such as: the web versions of the Office suite, MS Forms, Microsoft Planner and Office 365 Video



Microsoft Office 365 is a software suite loaded with software solutions designed to boost productivity and streamline everyday business processes. Built for everything from the smallest of businesses to large enterprise-level operations, Office 365 is a flexible, versatile productivity solution.

Microsoft Office 365 Through Future EBS

Future EBS offers years of expertise and consultation on the best practices for Microsoft products, including Office 365. We are one of the biggest and most experienced Microsoft Office Silver partners in the Middle East. Our expertise spans multiple products, multiple business functions, across diverse business domains including retail, distribution, FMCG, manufacturing and real estate.


As a Silver partner for Office 365, we offer the copyrighted Microsoft Sure Step method when we implement Office 365 for your business. We offer carefully curated quality control measures and change management procedures to ensure quality delivery every time we implement Microsoft Office 365.

Key Features

It's the apps you know and love

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive—and on your PC, Publisher and Access. Everything you need for home, school, and work.

It's always up to date

With an Office 365 subscription, you get the latest Office apps—both the desktop and the online versions—and updates when they happen.

It's on all your devices

On your desktop, on your tablet, and on your phone.* Office 365 + your device + the Internet = productivity wherever you are.

It's your great work, in the cloud

OneDrive makes the work you do available to you from anywhere—and to others when you collaborate or share.

Boost productivity with the best, most trusted software suite today.


Other Services

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