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HR and Payroll

Human capital is an important investment for your business success. Finding, hiring and retaining the right workforce can help nurture success, and deliver high-impact, sustainable results.


Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 has a native integration with LinkedIn to bring more engaging candidate experiences to the table. With heightened collaboration across candidates, hiring managers, talent acquisition specialists, and interviewers, your talent search is on its way into the future.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers businesses comprehensive and detailed analysis along with insight into each employee in the workforce. Designed to provide a broad perspective of the talent at the organization, this product comes with a set of tools to develop human capital – one of the most important business resources for you.


With the Human Resource Management component of Microsoft Dynamics, your HR team is empowered with the right set of core administrative tools to manage human resources—teams, departments, and individual employees—more effectively, translating into a happier and healthier workplace. Streamlining this part of the business enables rapid hiring and people management without undue stress due to misaligned HR processes that are slower than the rest of the organization.

Why choose Future EBS for Dynamics 365 - Talent

The HR & Payroll management of an organization is an imperative system that steadily and smoothly steers the organization towards success. It helps the company derive the greatest value from the most important asset – Workforce. Future EBS has taken Microsoft’s solution one step further by eliminating the hassle of coordinating between manual and electronic mediums. Our patented, pre-built solution helps streamline workflow and maximize efficiencies for increased savings, revenue and lower attrition.

EBS Future’s GCC Localized HR & Payroll is a customized solution that records the entire work-cycle of an employee which in-turn is used for the employee enrichment opportunities. This vertical covers hire to retire functionality supporting legal and statutory requirements specially built for the GCC region.

Highlights of Payroll Report Templates

All Payroll reports on Dynamics 365 are user-defined; you can use and customize the following templates.


  • Report Grouping

You can define the list of employee-related fields, such as name, employee ID number, nationality, department, job title, etc. Alternatively, you could define the factor by which the report is grouped: like cost centers, departments, etc.


  • Transaction

Here, you can choose and define the list of pay elements (allowances, deductions, net salary, CTC, etc.) to be included in  every row. You can also customize the columns in different colors, to visually demarcate data.

Industries that use GCC Localized HR & Payroll are


Retail Distribution


Financial Services

Insurances Industries

Public sector Oil and Gas firms


  • Streamline Human Resource Management processes.
  • Enhance your bottom line savings.
  • Help managers in an informed decision making.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved HR Productivity.
  • Cloud-ready application.

Key Features

Customizable pay elements and pay item groups like salary, loans, cost to company, bonuses etc. User-defined templates for transactions. Just like MS Excel—transaction by single/multiple employees and data can be imported from Excel. User-defined parameters for reports. Customizable file format for payroll bank transfers.

Hiring, managing and sustaining resources made easy & smart. Interested?


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