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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions at Future EBS

Extend the ability to recover your integral data beyond the walls of your organization.

When disaster strikes, the right set of backup and recovery solutions help prevent loss of business productivity, revenue and reputation. Increasingly, global businesses and even discerning customers prefer businesses that have robust recovery systems in place.


Future EBS offers tools to help you backup your data and applications, storing copies safely either on premises or on the cloud. With a good system in place, you can restore and recover everything from a single lost file to complete systems.

The Advantages Of Good Backup & Recovery Solutions


A good solution does not slow down the system, but ensures a speedy, reliable recovery.



With the advanced tech solutions from Future EBS, you can create backup images to remote locations. This way, you can get up and running even if local disasters strike your network.



Future EBS provides solutions that can as easily recover multiple systems easily as well. You can simultaneously configure multiple backup processes, carry out push installations, verify backups and manage storage, all from a single dashboard.


Immediate recovery

Our recovery options can work together to keep your business processes going, recovering data and entire networks.


Cloud backup

You can store backup data and copies on cloud servers, and get your business back on track even after site-wide failure. This can be done in a matter of minutes.

Future EBS Backup And Data Recovery Solutions

Future EBS is a proud Silver partner for Microsoft Azure. You can also choose from a range of data backup and recovery solutions. Unitrends is one of the best on-premise solutions, and Future EBS has a Silver partnership with this solution as well.


A comprehensive list of Future EBS Backup And Data Recovery Solutions:


    • Microsoft Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery


    • Unitrends


    • Acronis


    • Symantec


    • Veeam

Protect your IT infrastructure with backup and recovery solutions from Future EBS. 

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